More Information

General Information

  • Web Service API for your Shopping Cart or Distribution Portal
  • Easy to use browser based interface
  • Template Driven
  • Bulk Orders
  • Classroom Distribution
  • Option to have CyberWolf host your Bulk or Classroom Distribution Portal
  • Bulk import/packaging with template assignments
  • Unlimited number of ebooks
  • US Based Support

Adobe® DRM

  • Works with BlueFire, Datalogics, Digital Editions, and other standard Adobe DRM readers.
  • Used by major publishers and booksellers such as Simon & Schuster, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and others.
  • Customer can read on up to six devices.
  • Provides strong protection for rentals, device limitation, copy, printing and more.

CyberWolf® Social DRM

  • Advanced personalization and watermarking technology
  • PDF and ePub
  • Visible and invisible personalized watermarks
  • Specify font, color, size, style, and positioning
  • Test document generation
  • Multiple watermarks per PDF document can be combined on one template
  • ePub uses special functionality to guard against watermark removal
  • PDF can use optional protection to guard against watermark removal

CyberWolf® Protected PDF

  • Great for closed environments such as classrooms where only Adobe Reader is installed on work stations.
  • Copy, edit and print limitations
  • Optional password assignment capability